Monday, August 31, 2009

I haz recap ...

I am going to try to be much better about updating the S’n’B page after each meeting. With the last entry being in June, I better snap to it! Since I seem to have forgotten where the summer went, and I can only seem to dredge up the memories from 2 weeks ago, this is ALL I have.

2 weeks ago, I was suffering end-of-the-summer blahs. I sent out an S'n'B distress call. Amy, heeding my inspiration-less whines, promptly came to my air, wielding some very tempting visual treats. She brought Crazy Zauberball in scrumptious autumn colors of green and brown. Let me say I am surprised that she did not slap my had away from this beautiful yarn, as I kept wanting cuddle it, like a sweet little kitteh. Amy was also knitting up some gorgeous charade socks using some scrumptious Blue Moon Fiber arts, in algae. Perhaps she will Rav Pic some of her projects so we can all have a look see? Hint? Hint?

After lamenting on the local craziness on how the weather is reported here in Flatlandia, and getting a bunch of CRAP swept into us by the bionic-floor-sweeping-employee (People! There were PENNIES hurtling through he air at super sonic speed!) we convened.

This past Friday, Kathleen came with her twisty tea cozy... i had forgotten how I loved that little pattern, and the plans that I had some up with for it! Thank you Kathleen for reminding me!

Rachael came armed with stories about her trip to Ireland, and always, she had on her person some gorgeous yarns. She too came with a gorgeous book, “Intertwined” by Lexi Boeger laden with cool spinning techniques.

We think that Klose Knit might have a copy in the shop for folks to look upon.

Unfortunately, some point through the meeting, the planets suddenly shifted position, and both Kathleen and I ended up ripping back all (Kathleen) or part (me) of the projects we were working on. Rachael almost escaped unscathed, but alas, she did make a mistake on her lace scarf, BUT, we all determined that no-one would notice, so she bravely slogged on.

After writing the above section , I will make it my duty to now on bring a camera to the meetings. These things are always more exciting with pictures.

This knitting news this week is this ...

The Fam and I went to Cafe Copi this past weekend, and I noticed that Circles has moved. Now, one of our LONG TIME S’n’B’ers, (I will call her YW) part of The OLD Knitting Crowed, alerted us to this early lat spring, but I was not sure if I was allowed to mention it AS IT WAS STILL only rumor at that time, and I would love/hate for her to get spanked by her hairdresser for spilling the beans too early. ANYHOOOO, I notices that circles has moved. So I goes in to Copi and I orders and I asks Mister Copi Man if Copi is going to spread over in to what was Circles -- and he sez “yes”, but HOLD ON wait a minute, HOLD ON TO YOUR BALLS (of yarn that is), he said that it will take a while, but yes, they will be expanding in to there. I got all sorts of excited, and suggested some big comfy couches and chairs if possible, and the lure of “lotsa interested knitters....”. If they get it done before Christmas, I will be sure to take it as a sign that it was the mere mentioning of “if you build it, the knitters will come” that made him/them do it! :-)

last by not least, a member of a yarnie group in Maryland Rav-mailed me about the following ...

“We are an knitting group that meets at Panera down here in Maryland. The manager is getting transferred to a Panera in Illinois, and he thought it was your location. His name is Greg and he’s really sweet. His wife and kids are up there now, last night we gave him a sendoff. If he does start at your store, give him a nice warm welcome for us! Thanks!”

We will have to keep our eyes open for him at Panera, and give him a big ol' yarnie welcome!

Any more new crap, and local fiber-y gossip can me submitted to me via my Rav mail, or the private e-mail address.

Happy Knitting!
Hope to see you next week!