Saturday, February 20, 2010

Knit Happens!

Here is the info for Knit Happens!!
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Long time no post!

Had a lot of stuff going on, but I think we have worked out a way to try to keep the blog-space going. Here is a little update from last weeks meeting! Enjoy!

Submitted by Kathi:
For a while, it was just Jill and I. She was picking up the stitches on her Central Park hoodie to make the front band. She doesn't like picking up stitches - it's tedious and fiddly. Then along came Liz, who is recently from Texas (Nothern?) and she teaches History at Parkland. She isn't very old, but has been knitting since she was six, so she didn't even need to look at her work. She's making lacey socks with a lovely heathery brown malabrigo, (i think). I continued to rip and re knit the toe of the 2nd skeleton sock, but I re-did it again yesterday, and am about to finish! Tomorrow I will bring a baby blanket somebody told me to edge with crochet.

I got with Rachel at WRC and she pointed out my mistake about KH being next week, not this one. I was just trying to rush through the winter. We discussed the idea of advertising different themes for our KH, like crochet, cast on, cast offf, cables, etc, and having the first half hour for that subject; people who don't want to learn or teach should come at 6. She says 1st and 3rd Fridays are good for now, but in April we will need to switch to 2nd and 4th fridays for WRC scheduling reasons. That should be fine. I haven't heard back from the woman at Parkland who will be teaching knit and crochet, so I'll call her next week.

Tonite is Pecha Kucha 2 and my husband has offered to escort me, since nobody else seems interested, but I hope I see somebody there, even though I didn't hear anything about fiber arts in the lineup.

Brigitte sent an email about a KIP at Fleurish on a Sunday in late Feb. I'm gonna check that out. I had suggested occasional SNB field trips (like the library), but nobody really said anything. I would love us to support Brigitte's KIP. I'll ask around on the FB page and at the meeting.