Saturday, February 26, 2011

Knit is Happenening now that Knit Happens! is happenening again!

Knit happens! is back!

Greetings Knitters!

Here are the dates for Knit Happens this semester:
  • March 22nd  5-7:30pm (set-up around 4:45)
  • April 12th  5-7:30pm (set-up around 4:45)
  • April 26th  5-7:30pm (set-up around 4:45)
  • May 10th  5-7:30pm (set-up around 4:45)
Now, we need hosts! As a host, you're expected to stay the whole time and you're expected to lead a short tutorial near the beginning of the gathering on a topic of your choice. (Examples include: "Casting On/Off," "Choosing Yarn and Needles," "Crochet," "Knitting Graffiti," "Increasing/Decreasing," etc. Be creative!

Sign up for your date and theme here:

PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO RACHEL CAN CREATE PUBLICITY. We just need 4 people to sign-up. First come, first served!
A knew knewsletter has also been posted, so if you have not seen it on Ravelry or Facebook, then you can go see it here!

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