Monday, June 6, 2011

World Wide Knit in Public Day!

Hosted by: Klose Knit Yarn shop, and Stitch'n'Bitch Champaign Urbana
Location: Urbana Farmers Market at Lincoln Square Mall
Time: 6 am - 12 pm
Date: June 11, 2011

Come join Klose Knit and Stitch'n'Bitch Champaign Urbana for World Wide Knit in Public Day! Brigitte @ Klose Knit will be providing a tent/booth and sponsoring Knit In Public day at the Farmers Market so we all can to show off our skills to the community!

It is NOT required that you attend for the WHOLE duration! :-) Come for a few minutes, or for come the whole time, whatever you choose!

I am not sure how many chairs we will have, so you might want to bring a camp chair if you have one.

We have no backup plan, so if the Farmers Market is on, then so are we!

The web site for Klose Knit is

This KIP is not knitting exclusive
There are free bathrooms available nearby in the mall.

we are even registered on the WWKIP web site :-) !

If you like, please feel free to print and distribute the below flyer as you see fit.

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